Do The Right Thing (1989)

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City Screen, my local cinema, promised that ‘Spike Lee directs and gives arguably his best on screen performance’ in Do The Right Thing. I was sold — I mean, BlacKkKlansman blew me away and I’ve wanted to see more of his stuff for ages.

Nobody warned me about this. 

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Slurped Up: August 2018

If anyone, and I mean anyone, or your mum or cat, has a good idea how to title a monthly round-up, I’d love it (it’s got to be coke-themed. . .) Anyway, this is just a little catch-up on last month.

A big big thank you to you guys, the loveliest community, just as I remembered! I’ve been paying for the domain every June, always thinking & hoping I’d come back some day — because I love this world. I’ve seen as many films this summer than I did in 2017. Probably more. Otherwise, I’ve been consistently ill with a cough, working my 9-5 internship during the week and cleaning our new house and working on my dissertation, very slowly, at weekends. I had my dad and his girlfriend over for the first time since I came to uni last week, and she kept pissing me off by constantly checking if my suggestions were ranked high enough on TripAdvisor. So I stayed buzzed for most of the time (and my dad, an ex-bartender, bought me the good shit too, no more £3.85 wine bottles!) It’s back to uni in three weeks and I’m actually really excited to go back.



If you’re familiar with this blog or myself, you know I always vouch for enthusiasm. Get excited!! Who cares if it’s cool!! This series, 20 things I love about . . ., is my ode to this. I take a film or show I love and list a ton of reasons I love it. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is my absolute fave, and this post is so long overdue. It took a while to put together, I’d really love if you gave it a look!


Sorry to Bother You Hits the Mark by Courtney at On the Screen Reviews

Courtney’s blog is my latest obsession. She writes so well, and about all the films I want to see but haven’t yet (or can’t – Sorry to Bother You hasn’t been released in the UK!!) I love her take on it though, and it makes me want to see this weirdo film more and more. Also, the post includes one of the funniest interactions with a director I’ve ever seen. . .


Blindspotting is coming to the UK in October!! I’m honestly ready to travel to Manchester if need be just to see it. It’s one of those flicks I heard of but didn’t really pay attention to — but which I’ve been desperate to see ever since I got obsessed with Hamilton and Daveed Diggs.


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Specifically for this bit, I discovered Netflix’s viewing history for the first time. If they do an ad campaign like Spotify, I’m gonna be called out for watching half a season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine daily, for the past year or so.

Outside Brooklyn Nine-Nine: it’s been Mamma Mia 2 (fun!), Selma, SnowdenDeath of Stalin, BlacKkKlansman (I have to see this again before I can review it, but it shook me to the core), To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (AAAAHH!!!!! I loved it!!!!). At the start of August I watched the second season of Dear White People, whose first season I adored last summer — conflicted about this season; might end up as a post. I’m also watching the new season of Suits as it comes out and binged Shameless season 8 over the weekend, which I’m gonna be writing about because it just surprised me so much.

I’ve rewatched Frozen and Mamma Mia! because I’m living alone over summer and singing along to stuff makes me less lonely. I wish I was joking.


Honestly, who let me put my 15-year-old fingers on a keyboard and write like there’s no tomorrow??! One day, I’m going to need to archive all of it. But I’ll wait a while — I’ll probably want to archive the stuff I’m writing now. Anyway, here’s a piece that gets the most traffic on my site, probably because I posted it everywhere when fangirling Shameless back in 2015. Read it and weep. (I stand by the message; Ethan is a genius, and he’s only getting better.)


  • Two Dollar Cinema (a personal hero of mine) reviews Mission Impossible: Fallout among other stuff, making my lunch breaks at work so much more enjoyable
  • Mettel Ray reviews Taxi Driver as a part of Blindspot (and her blog design is so swanky!!)
  • Katy suggests 5 Ideas to Fix the Oscars. It’s the type of article I’d email to my housemate with the subject line ‘Food for Thought’. (It’s really good!)
  • Sati has been recapping Sharp Objects – I’ve not actually read these but if you’ve seen the show, go read! I used to look forward to her Thrones recaps more than the show itself. . .
  • Thomas reviews The Meg with the most puns packed in a post I’ve seen in a while.
  • Brittani reviews Crazy Rich Asians and got me really really excited to see it!

Finally – one more big big thank you to everyone for your patience & support & I love you all very much. Please keep recommending films to me, I’ve been deprived for years. 😦

Snowden (2016)

films and coke

As you can see, I’m working my way to the present from where I left off. For this one, let’s throw it back to 2016, the shittiest year of the decade. Except for Zootopia — and maybe, Snowden? For this post, I’m gonna lend the format from the genius Two Dollar Cinema. Mostly because there were some yays, some boos and not much inbetween.

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Three Outdoor Screenings in Washington, D.C.

If anyone’s wondering what got me to commit to a return to the film blogging world, it was my recent trip. So much film; so much inspiration! I got to experience cinema in places I’ve (lol) only seen in the movies. One of these was outdoor screenings; DC is brilliant for this, and I almost trekked to Virginia for a fourth, but then it poured down rain for a full week. Here’s what I saw, where, & what I thought.

Dirty Dancing

It was the waterfront in the beautiful Georgetown. My first week in DC. I was so tired, but who can say no to an outdoor film screening? The grass was a bit scratchy and the crowd really got into it (you should’ve seen me and 20 Brits looking at each other and sighing, Americans. . .) but I’d actually never seen this one before and while I think my expectations were way too high, it went to places I didn’t expect (with the pregnancy storyline) and Swayze absolutely won me over. So all in all, nice. I mostly like being able to tell the context around nobody puts Baby in the corner, as I do quote it regularly.

A League of Their Own

I enjoyed playing baseball in school. But I understand why our gym teacher didn’t let us play it more than once a year. How does it take so long to play? We went to see this close to the Nationals stadium, a special screening put on for the upcoming All-Star Weekend (which we then went to watch), and I really sympathised with & rooted for the women so eager to play baseball. After seeing the game? Not so much. How do you not get bored?! The historical context and the plot itself was so so good, and I went away feeling empowered and so proud of these wartime ladies who kicked so much ass, but I can’t get past the fact this is something people pay to watch. Regularly. I know my hero m.brown from Two Dollar Cinema would disagree, but I am honestly baffled.

Jumanji 2: Welcome to the Jungle

My first two weeks were spent at a summer course at GWU with people from my university. On the last day, after heartfelt goodbyes, I checked into my hostel, a tall building with a slow elevator next to an active construction site crawling with rats, and wasn’t really sure what to do next. I sat down at a Starbucks, as us basic white girls like to do, and looked for stuff to do in the city. I could see Jurassic Park at a cemetery, or I could go to see Jumanji to a park that was a ten minute walk away. I trekked to Whole Foods, got some sushi and a San Pellegrino (what kind of a f–king supermarket doesn’t sell Coke?!?!! in AMERICA??!!) and had one of the nicest evenings ever. Jumanji was so filthy I can’t believe they let children watch it. But also so much fun. That’s really all I have to say about it (I have a tiny crush on the Rock. Ok there you go.) Would recommend.

(Also, if anyone is a DC native, they’re still doing screenings all over and you can find them here.)