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Top 6 series I binged in 2017 (and top 6 I’m excited to binge in 2018)

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So after I finished Designated Survivor, I woke up to all ten seasons of Friends available on Netflix. I’ve never seen it from the beginning, but a ten-season show, 25 episodes a season? I like a challenge. It got me thinking—I love watching shows for hours on end, old and new, so here’s a much deliberated list of the best things I couldn’t stop watching last year.


6 from 2017



6. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad blew my mind when I first saw it, but I’ve not watched it again ever since it ended—watching individual episodes out of context felt awkward. So I took a week in November and rewatched it all. It’s still glorious. Was it always kind of. . .racist though?


5. Sherlock

I had a lot of free time over the winter break and at one point, clicking ‘next episode’ every 22 minutes became too much of a struggle. I also love rewatching British series after moving here—it was so cool seeing them do their thing at places I’d been at before! (I know it sounds nerdy but it’s cool, I’m Estonian.)


4. Stranger Things

I don’t know how anyone watches this without binging. I had a nice weekend day planned, made a nice breakfast and decided to enjoy it with an episode of Stranger Things. And eight hours later. . .no regrets. The first season was the journey of a lifetime.


3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I’ve loved Andy Samberg since my crush from when I was 14-ish introduced me to the Lonely Island—but there’s so much more to love about this series! Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows Two and a Half Men and How I Met Your Mother as my whenever, wherever show. Only twenty (-two) minutes for lunch? Time to hate-watch Gina. Can’t sleep? Put it on, you’ve memorised every episode and it’s like a lullaby.


2. Dear White People

I watched this over a weekend in the summer. I’d never thought about anything in that show. It’s so well-written, hilarious, and the episode-per-character format keeps it fresh (bingeable) throughout. And Logan Browning, the lead actress, is absolutely wonderful (even if I could’ve sworn she was Kat Graham from the Vampire Diaries over the first ep.)


1. Master of None

I’M SO HAPPY AZIZ WON THE GOLDEN GLOBE!!! Master of None is one of the best series I’ve ever seen, and definitely the best one I saw last year. Parents, the second episode of the series, may be my favourite episode of any show. I feel like I had a whole spiritual awakening watching it—Aziz exudes enthusiasm, curiosity, honesty, hope—and in a world where Brexit has been evoked and Trump still has Twitter, I think we can all use Dev Shah. I only watched it because I finished rewatching Parks and Rec and I didn’t know what to do with myself but I’d never watched Master of None before because I just couldn’t see him leading a show. It’s an enormous pleasure to admit I was so wrong.

Honourable mentions: Parks and Rec, Rick & Morty, House of Cards, Modern Family, Bojack Horseman

6 for 2018 (I cheat a lot with this)


6. Mad Men

5. Black Mirror

4. Blackish

3. The Handmaid’s Tale

2. The West Wing & Veep

1. The Sopranos & The Wire

Honourable mentions: Fargo, The Killing (Danish), The Honorable Woman


What do you think? Any other recommendations for me? (There’s an insane amount of procrastination hours to fill for the reading I have ahead this term.)


Watching: TMNT, Les infidèles, We’re the Millers, Fugitive Pieces

My posting has become so irregular that I figured I’d just put down some thoughts, so that this blog wouldn’t be neglected completely. I think I’m establishing summer hiatus for the coming years, because it’s hopeless. I watch shitty films and have fun in the summer. Thinking is out of the equation.


I heard how this film was, but I’ve never seen or read anything from this franchise (and Noel Fisher’s there), so when we went to the cinema with some fellow volunteer friends, I kept shoving them: “Guys, let’s go see TMNT. C’mon, it’s teenage mutant ninja turtles. It will be fun!” It was kind of fun, but nothing like I expected. There was too little of everything and I finally understood what on earth does being a Michael Bay film mean.

There were a few highlights, though: Mikey’s (conveniently, Noel was the awesomest turtle) innuendos were hilarious and that 99 cheese pizza? Yeah, that’s happening. We got pizza later. My friends were disappointed by the lack of the missing cheesy end kiss, but I just couldn’t get that pizza off my mind.

THE PLAYERS (Les infidèles)lesi

Saw this very randomly with a friend of mine when looking through what films were available to rent. It got way too sad and depressing for a comedy, but was funny too. The film consists of multiple sketches about cheating French men. The shortest one was beyond hilarious! Dujardin did great here.


With the aforementioned friend on the next morning. She wanted to show me the origin of NO RAGRETS. I honestly didn’t expect for this to be so funny, but it was a lazy morning and it was really good to laugh at stupid things. The best part of the film was after credits, though, in the bloopers, where the rest of the cast puts Friends theme on and Aniston squirmed. The weed baby thing was funnier than it had right to be, too. This experience taught me that seemingly bad comedies are nothing to be afraid of, too. And Nick Offerman is a hero.


Best film of those four by far. Sati is right to praise Stephen Dillane, he really is wonderful. Nina Dobrev left an impression, too, I wish she was in more films, because she is ridiculously talented and her brief appearances were enough to make me wonder about her throughout the whole film, and a good bit after that. Fugitive Pieces is a very honest, very brutal look to how war damages. It’s not a war film, but conveys the terror just as much as long battle scenes, maybe even stronger. Greece looks absolutely stunning, transforming from sad and melancholy to beautiful and alive. It’s a gem that I would recommend to anyone looking for something profound to experience.