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20 things I love about (500) Days of Summer

This is a very special film for me. It’s one of the films I have seen countless times and something that I watch over and over, always finding something new to warm my insides or get butterflies in my belly.

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20 things I love about Game of Thrones

The world’s worst blogger is back!

I’ve only seen the first two seasons and read half a book in the series, but since it’s the 20th and I’ve already (okay, since episode five season one) put Game of Thrones at #2 on my favourite TV series, I figured this post was in order anyway. Spoilers for seasons 1 and 2 following.

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20 things I love about Somewhere

Last week, I rewatched my favourite film, Somewhere, and honestly, I can’t write a review – I love everything. Instead, I’ll share some of what I love about that film.

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20 things I love about Breaking Bad

As you may know, there is no end to my love of Breaking Bad and I doubt there will be a better drama series in many years. This post is a love letter to the series and full of spoilers throughout the seasons. Approach with caution.

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