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Trash (2014) – “Because it is right.”


First time I heard about police violence in Latin America was when Mario, my fellow exchange student in Norway, blew our minds by talking about it. We were supposed to have a workshop about cultural learnings or something like that for two hours, but instead, we were listening to him talk more than any of us had ever heard him talk — he could barely speak English back then, but that didn’t stop him. It was intense. He spoke about the police being so corrupt that it hurts, how dehumanised they are, how the poor are treated as trash. This film, cleverly titled, is a testimony to that side of Brazil.

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The Maze Runner (2014) — “Welcome to the Glade.”

still-of-thomas-brodie-sangster,-alexander-flores,-kaya-scodelario,-dylan-obrien-and-ki-hong-lee-in-the-maze-runner-(2014)-large-picture-2Please, someone, explain to me, why the fuck would someone want to ruin a film by making the last ten minutes complete shit? I am honestly so pissed off. I go to watch a film, I endure watching it with a book reader1 who spoils everything a split second before it happens2 and I am rewarded with an ending that completely undermines everything, an ending that is as satisfying as all these This Girl Did This Ordinary Thing… But It’s Amazing What Happened Next fucking clickbait titles. Yeah, There Is No Ending. But Watch The Next Two Films, They Might Have Endings!!

Fuck you.


We have this super adorable guy, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who won my heart ages ago by voice acting for Ferb from Phineas & Ferb and then by being in Game of Thrones and now being the shining sun of the film3, plus he is a really good character among other good, if slightly played out characters. We have awesome acting all around, even the gorgeous, though very miscast Kaya Scodelario and the surroundings are gorgeous.

Let us not forget the consistently superb atmosphere, often achieved by a wonderful and timely placed score, subtle acting by most of the young all-boys cast4 and just the right amount of scary to tickle my fancy. Naïve at times, the film still manages to be so likable and exciting that it’s very fun to watch.


Do you feel it? Feel like there were some really good times here but you really could not get excited because of the ending I ranted about in the very beginning? That’s great, because I felt the exact same way — the whole film seems ruined because of the ending. Thanks a lot, Wes Ball. One time a book adaption needs its ending changed to make a complete film, you skip the opportunity.

Wow. This was refreshing.

1 a book dissatisfied book reader, I must add, which is a horrible thing, because the comments you get make you all the less excited for the film
2 or get the “but that wasn’t in the book!” reaction
3 I made sure to include him on each picture, too, as you can see :’)
4 Scodelario and the woman in the end don’t count!!

Lucy (2014) — “Ignorance brings chaos, not knowledge.”

lucy scarlett johanssonI like films with ideas that are far-fetched. That’s the magic of fiction in my eyes: there are no boundaries. All I ask is for it to be served well and believed in by the creators. Lucy, unfortunately, doesn’t deliver on either of these.

At least Lucy attempts to be better than it is. Over the first part of the film, I found myself growing to love the cut-ins, especially those of animals’ behaviour parallel to what the characters did. It worked. Unfortunately, they use it after that, too, overcomplicating what’s going on, as if they didn’t believe that the plot would hold up on it’s own — so they created confusion. I feel offended by this, because if they don’t believe in the film, why should I devote my money or time on it? Their simple, interesting idea explodes — and not in a good way. What a sad thing.

The beginning is slow, but pretty cool. Scarlett Johansson charms immediately and gives her bland character life. She alone doesn’t save anything, though, the things that are shit and the things that make you yawn are still there. Morgan Freeman is fantastic and probably the best thing about the film. That man’s bare presence is genius. Scarlett just gets to do all the cool things.


Another thing that I wanted to discuss is the soundtrack. The god-awful, completely unfitting soundtrack. It took me until 90% to understand how much it annoyed me, but once I did, I couldn’t stop thinking about how a score more subtle, quieter even, would have made all the difference. What we get, especially in the third act, is a completely generic and ordinary sound picking up intensity with each passing moment, the same thing we see in most films. Only difference — it usually works in these. Lucy needs something different.

Lucy had a moral: time is the only thing we can be sure of. And some moments are really worth our time. But those are the quiet moments, the in-betweens, not the main events. The only real thing they amount to is an ethreal feeling as the credits start to roll and some food for thought on the many ways how films like Lucy are corrupted. I think I liked this film, but, sadly, that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a bad film.


Deliver Us from Evil (2014) — “Be safe tonight.”

b7c966855848d55dc4c5a2151b5e008fThere is a very good reason why I don’t watch horror films. It’s ridiculously easy to scare me. So, naturally, two of my friends bribed me with Coke and we went and saw Deliver Us from Evil. First things first, it wasn’t that scary! I only spent maybe 1/5 of the film backwards or hiding my face into my friends’ shoulders1, that was nothing. Honestly, the plot was actually kind of fascinating.

I was astonished at how well this film was made from a technical aspect. The two other modern horror films I’ve seen2 had production values so much shittier. It was really nice. There was a surprisingly big amount of content there. Eric Bana was great, but Édgar Ramírez and especially Sean Harris stole the show for me. Again, I didn’t expect such subtle acting from a film called Deliver Us from Evil.

Edgar Ramirez

The whole demonic possession thing is familiar to me from the many hours of watching Supernatural. I like it. The whole third act revolved around exorcism and hadn’t I been such a big fan of SPN, I would’ve hated the religious chanting and blatant preaching. Now, I watched with interest. So the problem wasn’t the preaching, it was the fact that the whole third act was unbearably random and weird as a result. I expected for it to turn into a real horror film by then, but nope, nothing scary. 

Honestly, that turned out to be the weakest link of the film. I can’t believe it’s me saying that, but that film could’ve used a few more scares, more original ones at that. A bloody face popping on your screen… you scream, you throw up in your mouth a bit, but afterwards, it’s still a disappointment.

1 and cried a bit.
2 man, I feel qualified reviewing a horror film.