Avengers: Endgame (2019)

lightning thor in avengers endgame

(Lad)ie(s)!!! This post’s gonna be buck-full of spoilers.

I’m a big fan. Endgame was a very good film. The more I think about it, the more I remember bits and bobs that I loved. I went to see a double bill, Infinity War at 9pm and Endgame at 12.01am.

And now I’ve just been to see it again, in a new city. Got a bigger drink. That was a mistake.

So, sat here, in a coffee shop in the wonderful (hopefully) city of Leeds, all cried out, I’m not sure what to say. Would a good film leave you speechless? Or provoke discussions? Endgame felt less like a film and more like a holistic experience. Since the humble early days of Iron Man in 2008, Marvel’s gotten so good at all the film stuff, there’s not much to say. It looked fab, and even when it didn’t (cough/Thor’s belly/cough), it was for an effect (comedy). I think.

I reckon it’s the best saga ending I’ve seen. A saga of 22 is hardly comparable to something like a four-part Hunger Games, or even an eight-part HP. It’s all the more impressive–everyone got their endings. I weep for you, Tony; I weep for you, Chris Evans–I mean, Captain America–I mean, Steve Rodgers, even though I loved your ending. His ending. You know what I mean.

On a similar note, at one point two tears came out of one of my eyes simultaneously! That was really wild. There was a lot of crying in both of my screenings: first time, by everyone else in the theatre, and so loud that I just couldn’t get into the sad part. Second time around, I was weeping. For a full half hour or so (really, ever since Black Widow jumped). But how do you finish off such an epic adventure, if not without concocting an intense draught of laughter and tears, shaken, stirred, and fed to an audience ready to take anything?

Let’s dig into that for a second. Because the boys I went with, two very nice people (who I hope never read this), started complaining soon after the thing was over. I went to see Captain Marvel (twice) with one of them too, and it was the same thing. What do you have against women? Why do modifications from comics bother you so much whenever they elevate fictional (!!!) women? Why can’t you be shaken and stirred without mourning for what wasn’t there? At a double bill midnight screening, I should’ve expected to be surrounded by fanboys, but something in my heart died when this consistently loud, vocal crowd would roar at every pivotal moment, but miss the scene where all the ladies assemble. 

Speaking of powerful women, what a powerhouse Captain Marvel is!! Perhaps in another context I’d consider it a lil bit deus ex machina, but as opposed to the comic-loving boys, I can’t find any fault in Carol Danvers. I just wish she’d been able to save Tony twice. . .however symmetrical and symbolic that ending was, its beauty couldn’t win over an unrealistic happy ending for me, the happy ending sucker.

Wait, that sounded wrong. Again. You know what I mean. He should’ve gotten more than five-ish years of peace after all he gave us. Tony was cool, because he was so human, and I really feel like the writers’ confidence evolved throughout, because of all of them, he was saying all the reasonable stuff. ‘You’re only a genius on Earth,’ Rocket suggested, but we could’ve done a hell of a lot worse than Tony Stark. No doubt a result of extended screen time for both him and Steve over the past decade, but losing those two was strategically so brilliant: shining a very familiar quality of humanity all through a world full of sci-fi and fantastic creatures, the sudden absence of each brought so much humanity to the rest. That end-credits’ style of a funeral scene, if I’d seen anything through my tear-drenched eyes, I’d probably have tried to hug each one of them.

So here, some thoughts. I don’t really know what to say; I could discuss everything, or feel pretty content with just harbouring all the emotions this three-hour journey ripped out of me. Most of all, I look forward to everything that will come out of this: good articles, insightful reviews (don’t look here for one), merch, jokes, memes (‘I’m inside you!’ Paul Rudd states/quips in New York, giving us all that sweet sweet Thanus nod), and any other way this decade (which saw me go from 13 to 23) shaped our generation. I’m really not over these films, especially as the old crowd starts giving way to one that more closely resembles today’s culture, and I’m really excited for what’s coming up.

Also, I’m excited for more Tom Holland. From my counting, he’s got 1-2 contracted films left. No way that’s gonna stop there, right?!

Who else is feeling thirsty?

6 responses to “Avengers: Endgame (2019)

  1. Wish I could’ve have seen it with you so we could’ve gushed about the girls! My theater was totally quiet too, except for all of the scenes Cap/Thor had with the Hammers. Me and one other girl were the only ones cheering or shouting when anything excited or cool happened. But the sad thing was, there were a lot of other women in our theater too. So I don’t know why we’re still afraid of being vocal about supporting our women.

    I kind of felt like Tony’s death fit his arc, but as a Cap fan who got a happy ending, I totally stand behind Tony stans who wanted more for him. I was sobbing the second he snapped his fingers to the last second of the end credits. *hugs*

    Lovely post! ❤

    • Ahhhh that would have been amazing!! ❤ A girl sat in front of my howled all through the ending, but nothing with the awesome girls assembling, it was tragic.

      I feel like Tony had an incredible, INCREDIBLE storyline in Endgame, starting and ending with him, and it defo fit his arch. I just rewatched Civil War too, and he's been really consistent in wanting to just stop risking himself, it's absolutely tragic /he/ was one of the two who died.

      Thank you so much for stopping by!!

  2. I’m still so happy my girl Wanda got to wreck Thanos for a little while lol

    I’m excited for more Holland too, he’s a wonderful actor and I love how he plays Peter.

  3. Can’t wait to see Thor in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3

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