What, No Popcorn?



  • New year, new feature. I’m trying to come up with a posting schedule and a post format I’m comfortable with — I’m pretty happy with this one, though. It’s hard not to plagiarise Sati or Katy or Mettel Ray because I read their blogs daily and they all have such effective and beautiful style.
  • That being said, I love this community so much! My only blog-related new year’s resolution is to blog regularly. Can’t be that difficult, right?
  • Uh, I was supposed to post this three days ago. But the beginning’s always hard, right?


  • On Friday I woke up by my dad barging into my room, saying our film starts in half an hour. So my morning, at 3pm, started with Nightcrawler — which, honestly, was a fucked up film that I feel disgusted by. An excellent film, a masterpiece, of course. But so disturbing.
  • Last night of last year, I saw Fight Club, which I had only seen clips of before. All I can say is that I should make a shrine for Fincher.
  • I rewatched most of Shameless, too, seasons 1 and 3 in the whole, most of season 2, but I already saw season 4 twice this winter break, so I only saw a few episodes (and all Mickey/Ian parts, naturally.) You calling me insane? Yah, okay, not arguing.
  • Wait and watch what happens when season 5 starts airing.
  • My favourite film of the week was probably Begin Again. I loved the soundtrack and the NYC depiction and the acting, but the overall mood was what won me over the most.

(3) HEY, LOOK!

  • I only watch How to Get Away with Murder from these shows, but this is hilarious! (From 0:29 on, that is.)


1 Gone Girl may have a contender, though — I’m not the least bit over Nightcrawler.

11 responses to “What, No Popcorn?

  1. Thanks for the link! I have no time to rewatch Shameless but I’m happy it’s coming back, hopefully I’ll find the time to see the new eps

  2. Nightcrawler was amazing. If Gyllenhaal doesn’t get an Oscar nomination for it I will freak. I love Fight Club too. Even though my friends spoiled the ending for me beforehand, it was still good.

    • I knew that the Narrator and Tyler were the same person which took a lot of the suspense out, but made it interesting in another way. Glad you like it too!

  3. Happy new year, Elina! I’m sticking to a personal blogging schedule this year too. It’s not really specific on days of the week either. A list of what posts to write and when I’d like to publish them by has helped though. 🙂
    Nightcrawler has messed me up too. I haven’t been able to look at Jake Gyllenhaal the same way again.

  4. Yay, happy 2015 Elina! Thanks heaps for the linkage. One of these days I’ll finally get to see Shameless!

  5. I’m glad you got to watch Fight Club, it’s still probably my favourite film of all time. And Fincher is one of my favourite directors, of course. I get to see Nightcrawler tomorrow, can’t wait. Happy New Year!

  6. Wow that video really.. woke me up from my writing-haze. 😀

    Thanks for the link! And SHAMELESS IS BACK!!!!!!!

  7. I need to read this blog more.

    What an a-hole.

    Hey, you ever build that shrine to Fincher, let me know. Fight Club changed everything for the 19 year old m. brown. Probably my favorite movie ever.

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