On Film Festivals and Fall Season

I. I know where my future lies. In not working. I would be 200% happier without the black hole of a time consumer called school, and after that’s done, work’s just going to replace these hours. Deep cry. I’d show you my to-do list but that would just be depressing. The fact that I used to be a vegetable before this blog and Norway, is really messing with me now. In the past year, I’ve discovered how cool the world can be if you care about things, are passionate about them and take part. Translating, volunteering, writing and taking photos are all fun and games, but I need some time to read a book, watch a film, write in this blog, read others’ blogs, go hiking, play with my dachshund and cook food every once in a while.

So, sleep or school, one of them has to go. I love all my hobbies too much to quit any.

II. In that tone, guess what happened a few days ago? Estonia’s main film festival, PÖFF (Black Nights Film Festival) is among the top 15 film festivals. They have a subcategory for youth films where they gather a few people to write reviews and I was chosen as one! I am super proud and extremely excited. We had our first meeting today and I can’t wait for the next one. I’m going to watch and review a Danish film before it and wow, my first review in my native language? Going to be fun.

Not really sure yet what this will mean for the blog, because I don’t know if and when I have permission to publish these reviews, but I think this place will be slow in November, too — the festival takes place over the last two weeks in November. I’ll also get the opportunity to go watch all main program films. This right here is a film blogger’s heaven.

III. All TV series are coming back or starting up and it’s making me sad. First of all, the shows I’ve binge-watched and loved (Supernatural and Vampire Diaries, looking at you) have turned so bad that I’m probably not going to waste my time with all of the crappy episodes and there is literally one new show I’ve started watching. But oh, it’s a good one — How to Get Away with Murder. A post on it is coming, probably after the 3rd episode. I love the plot, the editing, the acting, the characters, the humor — everything, really.

Also, on TV — I’ve decided that there will be a HIMYM post, after all. The emotions about the conclusion of the show are still burning inside me.

IV. I’m turning 19 next week. Weirdly, this fact hardly crosses my mind, I’m just vaguely aware of it because I realised what a great opportunity this is for an awesome post. What kind of a post? Yeah, no, I have no clue. Maybe I’ll just give a gift to myself — a gift of devoting a few hours to reading all of my favourite blogs’ posts. I really should do that, and I will. At some point.

V. Even though I haven’t read anything, I understand that everyone’s writing about Gone Girl. I saw it too, but I can’t imagine writing a review because I’m still so disturbed by it. Was it good? Not sure, but it definitely made me feel filthy for days after.

Feel absolutely free to comment on any of this, and I’d so appreciate if you’d leave a link of a post that you’ve published in the past week or two and that you are proud of. It would jump-start my blog reading marathon. Thank you so much!

13 responses to “On Film Festivals and Fall Season

  1. I’m trying to get something out about this soon : ) nice to hear from you : )

  2. Wow, congrats on being chosen to write for the film festival, that sounds awesome! And woohoo for age 19 – it’s a good age to be!

  3. I have absolutely no idea how to write a review for Gone Girl either, so I’ve chosen to take an alternative route and list the top reasons to see the movie instead. Should be posted soon! But I definitely had the same response that you did with the film…

  4. Congrats on your selection for the film festival! Sounds exciting!:)

  5. That’s awesome you were chose to write for the film festival! You will be great. 🙂

  6. Congratulations on your selection and Happy Birthday to you!
    I so empathize with being busy! School is cramping up my life too, and I work mostly from home. It’s difficult to make time for a movie when there’s mountains of homework to do. I’m lucky to squeeze in two hours for a movie and then to write a review. 🙂

  7. Hi Elina, good for you to cover a local film fest. I’ve been doing that the past couple of weeks and it’s been a blast. I do miss my blog friends tho, comments tend to dip as I’m covering film fest, but it’s still worth it!

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