Lucy (2014) — “Ignorance brings chaos, not knowledge.”

lucy scarlett johanssonI like films with ideas that are far-fetched. That’s the magic of fiction in my eyes: there are no boundaries. All I ask is for it to be served well and believed in by the creators. Lucy, unfortunately, doesn’t deliver on either of these.

At least Lucy attempts to be better than it is. Over the first part of the film, I found myself growing to love the cut-ins, especially those of animals’ behaviour parallel to what the characters did. It worked. Unfortunately, they use it after that, too, overcomplicating what’s going on, as if they didn’t believe that the plot would hold up on it’s own — so they created confusion. I feel offended by this, because if they don’t believe in the film, why should I devote my money or time on it? Their simple, interesting idea explodes — and not in a good way. What a sad thing.

The beginning is slow, but pretty cool. Scarlett Johansson charms immediately and gives her bland character life. She alone doesn’t save anything, though, the things that are shit and the things that make you yawn are still there. Morgan Freeman is fantastic and probably the best thing about the film. That man’s bare presence is genius. Scarlett just gets to do all the cool things.


Another thing that I wanted to discuss is the soundtrack. The god-awful, completely unfitting soundtrack. It took me until 90% to understand how much it annoyed me, but once I did, I couldn’t stop thinking about how a score more subtle, quieter even, would have made all the difference. What we get, especially in the third act, is a completely generic and ordinary sound picking up intensity with each passing moment, the same thing we see in most films. Only difference — it usually works in these. Lucy needs something different.

Lucy had a moral: time is the only thing we can be sure of. And some moments are really worth our time. But those are the quiet moments, the in-betweens, not the main events. The only real thing they amount to is an ethreal feeling as the credits start to roll and some food for thought on the many ways how films like Lucy are corrupted. I think I liked this film, but, sadly, that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a bad film.


21 responses to “Lucy (2014) — “Ignorance brings chaos, not knowledge.”

  1. I’ve heard mixed things about Lucy, but the people who’ve hated it have really torn this apart. Still, I’m going to check it out eventually to see what the whole fuss is about.
    It looks ridiculous in my opinion haha.

  2. A pretty crazy movie, but one I actually quite enjoyed. Good review.

  3. Lovely write-up Elina. I haven’t seen this yet but it seems like everyone thinks that this film didn’t live up to its grandiose ideas and its actual potential, which is sad! I agree with you that Morgan Freeman is awesome though. He can do no wrong!

  4. I’m surprised to read what you wrote about Freeman, I heard he looks extremely bored in this. I’m probably gonna check it out on DVD it looks hysterical.

  5. I’m still going to watch it. I know its not great but it seems like a fun way to spend a couple of hours. And I love Scarlett. I sound really shallow!

  6. Great review! This always felt like a rental to me. I’ll throw it in my Netflix queue and take my time.

  7. Such a shame that this movie wasn’t good especially with the buzz it received for a being a female-driven action movie. Hollywood will probably use the negative criticism to not give Scarlett her own Black Widow movie. Nice review!

    • What the fuck, they can’t blame the faults of this film on Scarlett! She is amazing in everything, but it’s always a risk doing indie films. Huh. That’s really disappointing that they would deprive Marvel of a film with such potential because of this.

      But hey, thank you, glad you liked the review!

  8. Only one coke? I didn’t see it but maybe the trailer was better than the movie! lol

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  10. I almost saw this. But I ended up at Hercules instead. Hmm. Seems I was doomed either way.

    Loved the review, though. If they don’t believe, why should we? I ask myself this question everyday (at school, anyway)!

  11. Great review here again Elina, this is exactly how I felt about it too: some great concepts hinted at but rushed and overly complicated by an over-the-top-silly storyline that got sillier as it progressed. I’m not sure if I did like those cuts to the animal attacks or not, but I’ll definitely say they went on for too long

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