Thoughts on Suits


Now that summer is over, one of my favourite TV series has started a hiatus. I am a very big fan of Suits’ schedule with ten episodes airing in the summer, and six airing early in the next year. The hiatuses never feel excruciating, no matter how invested I currently am in the show, and are usually placed so that as Suits returns, other shows go into hiatus. And between watching shows that are depressing as hell, it’s a nice thing.

I discussed my love of the series last year but things have changed a bit with the 16 episodes that have aired after that. Suits never goes far from their original theme, which is both a strength and a weakness. Over three and a half seasons, the show has become repetitive, yet the core I fell so in love with over the first few episodes, hasn’t changed. In the end of the day (episode), it’s still about Harvey and Mike kicking ass. 

There is something that throws me off about this, though. The main cast — Harvey, Mike, Louis, Jessica, Donna, Rachel — have become caricatures. Some more, some less. The writers are excellent with some aspects of the show, like picking their sound, wardrobe and marketing people, but lack in other, much more crucial areas. Something that I can’t get off my mind is the beautiful gesture Katrina, associate to Louis, made in the beginning of the season. 


As I watched the finale of the season, I knew I wouldn’t be able to enjoy this gesture rewatching the show. It feels as if the writers were running out of things to do with the characters, so they simply took the case-per-season layout they’d been using in season three and revisited everything that had played off on screen before. Flashbacks, cheating, Louis’s promotion… yet as they were played again, they lost their effect. In the final episodes of season two, Harvey not trusting Scottie because of the memories of his own mother was heart-wrenching. With Rachel, it didn’t work at all and after some time, even with Mike’s puppy dog eyes, I wanted nothing more but to fast-forward her scenes. Most of the characters have lost their edge.


Which is a crying shame, too, because the talent that Rick Hoffman showed in the last episodes (final scenes of episodes 15 and 16 gave me shivers) and what Sarah Rafferty does season after season; what the whole cast brings into the table, it’s worth so much more. Suits is a super fun, intensely beautiful summer show that virtually only lacks in one thing: good, original writing. Everything else is so great, and all I can do is hope that we’ll see a more interesting part two of the season coming spring.

7 responses to “Thoughts on Suits

  1. I love this show, even though I have plenty of catching up to do. 😀

  2. I’m a big fan of this show. I find it witty, entertaining and enjoy the many film references. But I do agree with you that it can seem repetitive.

  3. Yep, Suits’ flaws were pretty evident this season, and it’s a shame. I totally agree about the Mike-Rachel affair, it was a bit flat. I loved her tension with Logan, but then it all got a bit soap opera-ish. I still love it and hope they will do better, too. Oh and I also like the schedule, it feels like it’s on TV all year!

  4. I’m only a season and a half into this and I have already noticed some repetitiveness, mostly that in near on every episode Mike bursts into Harvey’s office stating “We have a problem!” which inevitably gets solved. That hasn’t stopped me loving it though and I plan to binge watch the rest in a weekend or two!

    Anywho, I wanted to let you know that we over at Flick Chicks have nominated you for a One Lovely Blog Award, details are here Happy Nominating!

    – Jenna

    • Aww, thank you for nominating me!

      The first two seasons are still my favourites, because after that it becomes case-per-season and I preferred Harvey storming in with “hey, fraud, problem!!” lol. I hope you will love the rest, too! Let me know then 😉

  5. I used to love this show but it seems to have fallen through the cracks when season 1 ended and other shows took its place :/ I guess I have quite a bit of catching up to do… Thank you for the gentle reminder haha

    Mo x

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