Deliver Us from Evil (2014) — “Be safe tonight.”

b7c966855848d55dc4c5a2151b5e008fThere is a very good reason why I don’t watch horror films. It’s ridiculously easy to scare me. So, naturally, two of my friends bribed me with Coke and we went and saw Deliver Us from Evil. First things first, it wasn’t that scary! I only spent maybe 1/5 of the film backwards or hiding my face into my friends’ shoulders1, that was nothing. Honestly, the plot was actually kind of fascinating.

I was astonished at how well this film was made from a technical aspect. The two other modern horror films I’ve seen2 had production values so much shittier. It was really nice. There was a surprisingly big amount of content there. Eric Bana was great, but Édgar Ramírez and especially Sean Harris stole the show for me. Again, I didn’t expect such subtle acting from a film called Deliver Us from Evil.

Edgar Ramirez

The whole demonic possession thing is familiar to me from the many hours of watching Supernatural. I like it. The whole third act revolved around exorcism and hadn’t I been such a big fan of SPN, I would’ve hated the religious chanting and blatant preaching. Now, I watched with interest. So the problem wasn’t the preaching, it was the fact that the whole third act was unbearably random and weird as a result. I expected for it to turn into a real horror film by then, but nope, nothing scary. 

Honestly, that turned out to be the weakest link of the film. I can’t believe it’s me saying that, but that film could’ve used a few more scares, more original ones at that. A bloody face popping on your screen… you scream, you throw up in your mouth a bit, but afterwards, it’s still a disappointment.

1 and cried a bit.
2 man, I feel qualified reviewing a horror film.

16 responses to “Deliver Us from Evil (2014) — “Be safe tonight.”

  1. “So, naturally, two of my friends bribed me with Coke and we went and saw Deliver Us from Evil.”

    My weakness is Coke Zero!

    The trailer did not convince me to see it in theaters and negative reviews are abound. But what the heck, I have nothing to do today (can we start a petition to expand this 3-day weekend into a 30-day weekend?) so I just might be tempted to see it. I wish someone would bribe me with Coke Zero.

    • Coke Zero is literally the worst rating I can give a film, haha. I’m too big of a sugar fan to accept anything else. 😉

      My advice about this film: if you have two hours and are in the mood, see it. Unless you haven’t seen The Shining. Then, for the love of god, watch that one, it’s perfect!!

      And happy weekend, then!

  2. Wow! You took me by surprise with this film! I was sure I couldn’t handle 5 minutes of watching it, cause it seemed so scary. Great post!

    • The first third isn’t scary at all. My friends were all freaking out because they didn’t want to see the film as much as my reactions. 😀 Thank you!

  3. Just for the fun of it, I wish people would drag me to see a horror movie.. cause I also get scared real easy. 😀

  4. Hahah @ “you scream, you throw up in your mouth a bit”. I want to watch a horror movie with you.

    It seems like it definitely helped that you’re not too familiar with other horror movies because this one was a little too all over the place for me to really get into it but I’m glad you liked it!

    • I really shouldn’t review horror films. But eh, what can you do if you see one film in two whole weeks?

      Let me know when you’re in Estonia then, haha.

  5. Nothing worse than horror films that aren’t that scary! Nice write-up Elina!

  6. lol I love you’re placement of the Coke caps on that picture. I’m glad you liked this one!

  7. Oh my, this looks so bloody. I don’t deal well w/ blood and gore so I’m definitely skipping this, Elina.

  8. I definitely agree with you! I thought the plot was really interesting, but the ending felt very misplaced.

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