Why Autumn Rocks: TV edition

I need an army of monkeys to start coming up with better blog post titles. Or I should just stick to reviews. Anyway, the point of this post is to celebrate my absolute favourite season. My favourite television series are back!!1 Yesterday’s Supernatural concluded the season premieres I was waiting for and now, let’s recap them all. Also – if you’re only a bit interested, they all end in “final verdict”, so you can just skip to that.


2 Broke Girls was a disappointment. With it’s third season, the show seems unable to offer anything new – the jokes are getting old (mostly because they are old and overused), the characters aren’t developing and the series has started losing its focus and generally, gotten stale. There were funny moments but nothing remarkable. With the first season being genuinely feel–good and hilarious and the second season a bit less funny while adding some depth, the pilot was a bummer and the second episode didn’t impress either.

Final verdict: 2 Broke Girls is moving to the “rainy day, bad mood, mad at the world, have a light comedy marathon” slot because it simply isn’t worth watching ASAP anymore.


 The final season of How I Met Your Mother has begun and for a fan like me, it’s impossible not to feel nostalgic about the ninth season – especially considering the season–long wedding prep format they’ve got going on – and I think it’s working out nice, with HIMYM carrying on as it always has, light–hearted and fun. I think the best thing is to celebrate the epic show they’ve created and simply enjoy the final season even when it gets rough around the edges.

Final verdict: HIMYM carries on as always, fun and easy, but in my schedule, drops its place in needing to wake up half hour early to watch it 6am before school and instead, will be watched with a can of Coke and an afternoon sandwich for a cheery Tuesday afternoon.


Vamp Diaries is my ultimate guilty pleasure TV series. I love it to bits with the highlights being the amazing music choice, talented (and hot) actors, the chemistry between the characters and the thrill of it all. The fifth season doesn’t feel like too much but the show’s obviously having hardship in surprising us now – but they try, and all in all, I love TVD just the same as I have for the past four seasons and two years. And I simply cannot not mention how cool the first five minutes were. I’m not sure if I’m still a fangirl or if I’ve moved up in ranks now2 but Elena and Damon made me laugh, swoon, throw up in my mouth a bit, swoon again – and Matt and Rebekah were simply the greatest thing, and unexpected at that. Also, I think they did a very good job with Silas not pretending to be Stefan – gives the entire season a much better pacing. As I said – they’re trying.

Final verdict: TVD hasn’t lost its soul and remains the best guilty pleasure available, while still having enough suspense for me to get off my ass at 5.30am and watch it in the morning before school.


I had no real hopes for the Vamp Diaries spin–off The Originals, following Klaus and the remainder of his family in his conquest to rule New Orleans, but it managed to surprise me in a good way. The highlights are Joseph Morgan who’s doing a damn fine job as usual and Daniel Gillies is a scene–stealer. I’m really looking forward to seeing Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin work together since they were co–stars in H2O, my favourite series for years when I was younger.3 Otherwise – if The Originals plays its cards right, it can yet become a very good series. We’ll see.

Final verdict: Even though not as compelling as Vampire Diaries, The Originals definitely has potential and has firmly reserved a slot in my Wednesday afternoon schedule.


I loved Supernatural’s season nine premiere so much (and had so much to ramble of) that I made a seperate post for it last morning: read the recap here.

Final verdict: I might start waking up at 4.30am to watch this twice, because Supernatural seems to have reclaimed its place as my most loved TV series. I am absolutely in love with season 9 already.

1 Almost. My favourite TV series are (1) over since last Sunday and (2) having a break after the first 10 episodes until winter. Breaking Bad and Suits, you guessed it.
2 …to be a complete perv…
3 I’m still not over the fact they got rid of their awesome Australian accents, though. Boo.

5 responses to “Why Autumn Rocks: TV edition

  1. I used to watch some of those but now I’ve fallen back so much I can’t find the strength to catch up 🙂 I ended Supernatural somewhere where Castiel first turned bad and started making people explode or something like that. Autumn brought a bunch of shows for me too, but it’s mostly comedy shows like Modern Family or Parks and Rec.

    • Hahaha yes Supernatural got out of hand by S6 but I really-really was amazed by the first ep of S9 because it has the same soul as the beginning… and I kinda missed out on SPN it losing its cool since I watched seven seasons in three weeks and had no time to notice that. 😀 I haven’t seen either and I really try to tune down my obsessive watching so even though I really want to see Parks and Rec, I won’t before I finish BrBa and AHS. Guess how many films I’ve seen this week…. thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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