One Lovely Blog Award!

Sofia is one of the loveliest people I have the honour to know, and I am so glad she thought of me when passing this award around.

Here are the rules for this award:
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You must add 7 facts about yourself.
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Super lovely people!

  • Katy, because she is such a fun person whose style I admire a lot and who is one of the few people to make me happy to be a part of fandoms.
  • Alex, because I can’t wait for his Wait (heheh) and his blog probably makes me a better person.
  • m.brown, because without him my world would turn many (fifty, perhaps?) shades greyer.
  • Sati, because she is one of the greatest people I know even if it’s only via internet, and she inspires me every single day.
  • Big Screen Small Words, because that blog is an incredible read at any given time.
  • Brittani, because next to Sati, I love her the most in this wonderful community.
  • Anna, because nobody has ever won my heart so quickly as she did as she entered the blogging world with her big colourful dots and the Australian accent I hear whenever reading her posts.
  • Mettel Ray, because I admire her endlessly!
  • Zoe, because a) she radiates happiness, and b) she takes my advice on books!!!
  • Ruth, because she is someone to look up to.
  • Ryan, because I’ve said it before: his reviews are beautiful. Also, he’s really great and attentive.
  • Mette, because even if she doesn’t blog anymore, she has a marvelous personality. And a way with words.
  • Nostra, because of her fantastic blogathons.
  • Mikey, because he’s borderline hilarious — and awesome.
  • Fisti, because he really knows how to keep a community going.

Facts? Suuuuure.

  • True Detective started airing in Estonia and I thought the first episode was FANTASTIC.
  • At the first seminar we had in Norway, I joked to a German boy that I can smell it if someone has jerked off in the shower, and he with his German friends laughed about it at every. single. exchange student. seminar. we had throughout the year.
  • I probably shouldn’t have told you of that one.
  • I think Coke is an essential drink with cinema, breakfast, late night study sessions, writing, working, school, free hours at school, sleepovers and dinner.
  • Me and my dog have many things in common: we hate cats, won’t get out of bed early in the morning even if we need to pee, demand for attention so often that people get tired of us, are offended easily, sulk in our beds after named offenses, forgive very quickly, love swimming in the sea, don’t mind filth, don’t understand social norms and challenge them often.
  • I really want to do an Ironman triathlon before I’m 25.
  • My host dad once chased me down a icy hill with a tractor because I was afraid to go down to get on the school bus.

Wow. This was fun! Thank you so much, Sofia!

Lucy (2014) — “Ignorance brings chaos, not knowledge.”

lucy scarlett johanssonI like films with ideas that are far-fetched. That’s the magic of fiction in my eyes: there are no boundaries. All I ask is for it to be served well and believed in by the creators. Lucy, unfortunately, doesn’t deliver on either of these.

At least Lucy attempts to be better than it is. Over the first part of the film, I found myself growing to love the cut-ins, especially those of animals’ behaviour parallel to what the characters did. It worked. Unfortunately, they use it after that, too, overcomplicating what’s going on, as if they didn’t believe that the plot would hold up on it’s own — so they created confusion. I feel offended by this, because if they don’t believe in the film, why should I devote my money or time on it? Their simple, interesting idea explodes — and not in a good way. What a sad thing.

The beginning is slow, but pretty cool. Scarlett Johansson charms immediately and gives her bland character life. She alone doesn’t save anything, though, the things that are shit and the things that make you yawn are still there. Morgan Freeman is fantastic and probably the best thing about the film. That man’s bare presence is genius. Scarlett just gets to do all the cool things.


Another thing that I wanted to discuss is the soundtrack. The god-awful, completely unfitting soundtrack. It took me until 90% to understand how much it annoyed me, but once I did, I couldn’t stop thinking about how a score more subtle, quieter even, would have made all the difference. What we get, especially in the third act, is a completely generic and ordinary sound picking up intensity with each passing moment, the same thing we see in most films. Only difference — it usually works in these. Lucy needs something different.

Lucy had a moral: time is the only thing we can be sure of. And some moments are really worth our time. But those are the quiet moments, the in-betweens, not the main events. The only real thing they amount to is an ethreal feeling as the credits start to roll and some food for thought on the many ways how films like Lucy are corrupted. I think I liked this film, but, sadly, that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a bad film.


Thoughts on Suits


Now that summer is over, one of my favourite TV series has started a hiatus. I am a very big fan of Suits’ schedule with ten episodes airing in the summer, and six airing early in the next year. The hiatuses never feel excruciating, no matter how invested I currently am in the show, and are usually placed so that as Suits returns, other shows go into hiatus. And between watching shows that are depressing as hell, it’s a nice thing.

I discussed my love of the series last year but things have changed a bit with the 16 episodes that have aired after that. Suits never goes far from their original theme, which is both a strength and a weakness. Over three and a half seasons, the show has become repetitive, yet the core I fell so in love with over the first few episodes, hasn’t changed. In the end of the day (episode), it’s still about Harvey and Mike kicking ass. 

There is something that throws me off about this, though. The main cast — Harvey, Mike, Louis, Jessica, Donna, Rachel — have become caricatures. Some more, some less. The writers are excellent with some aspects of the show, like picking their sound, wardrobe and marketing people, but lack in other, much more crucial areas. Something that I can’t get off my mind is the beautiful gesture Katrina, associate to Louis, made in the beginning of the season. 


As I watched the finale of the season, I knew I wouldn’t be able to enjoy this gesture rewatching the show. It feels as if the writers were running out of things to do with the characters, so they simply took the case-per-season layout they’d been using in season three and revisited everything that had played off on screen before. Flashbacks, cheating, Louis’s promotion… yet as they were played again, they lost their effect. In the final episodes of season two, Harvey not trusting Scottie because of the memories of his own mother was heart-wrenching. With Rachel, it didn’t work at all and after some time, even with Mike’s puppy dog eyes, I wanted nothing more but to fast-forward her scenes. Most of the characters have lost their edge.


Which is a crying shame, too, because the talent that Rick Hoffman showed in the last episodes (final scenes of episodes 15 and 16 gave me shivers) and what Sarah Rafferty does season after season; what the whole cast brings into the table, it’s worth so much more. Suits is a super fun, intensely beautiful summer show that virtually only lacks in one thing: good, original writing. Everything else is so great, and all I can do is hope that we’ll see a more interesting part two of the season coming spring.

Deliver Us from Evil (2014) — “Be safe tonight.”

b7c966855848d55dc4c5a2151b5e008fThere is a very good reason why I don’t watch horror films. It’s ridiculously easy to scare me. So, naturally, two of my friends bribed me with Coke and we went and saw Deliver Us from Evil. First things first, it wasn’t that scary! I only spent maybe 1/5 of the film backwards or hiding my face into my friends’ shoulders1, that was nothing. Honestly, the plot was actually kind of fascinating.

I was astonished at how well this film was made from a technical aspect. The two other modern horror films I’ve seen2 had production values so much shittier. It was really nice. There was a surprisingly big amount of content there. Eric Bana was great, but Édgar Ramírez and especially Sean Harris stole the show for me. Again, I didn’t expect such subtle acting from a film called Deliver Us from Evil.

Edgar Ramirez

The whole demonic possession thing is familiar to me from the many hours of watching Supernatural. I like it. The whole third act revolved around exorcism and hadn’t I been such a big fan of SPN, I would’ve hated the religious chanting and blatant preaching. Now, I watched with interest. So the problem wasn’t the preaching, it was the fact that the whole third act was unbearably random and weird as a result. I expected for it to turn into a real horror film by then, but nope, nothing scary. 

Honestly, that turned out to be the weakest link of the film. I can’t believe it’s me saying that, but that film could’ve used a few more scares, more original ones at that. A bloody face popping on your screen… you scream, you throw up in your mouth a bit, but afterwards, it’s still a disappointment.

1 and cried a bit.
2 man, I feel qualified reviewing a horror film.