The Maze Runner (2014) — “Welcome to the Glade.”

still-of-thomas-brodie-sangster,-alexander-flores,-kaya-scodelario,-dylan-obrien-and-ki-hong-lee-in-the-maze-runner-(2014)-large-picture-2Please, someone, explain to me, why the fuck would someone want to ruin a film by making the last ten minutes complete shit? I am honestly so pissed off. I go to watch a film, I endure watching it with a book reader1 who spoils everything a split second before it happens2 and I am rewarded with an ending that completely undermines everything, an ending that is as satisfying as all these This Girl Did This Ordinary Thing… But It’s Amazing What Happened Next fucking clickbait titles. Yeah, There Is No Ending. But Watch The Next Two Films, They Might Have Endings!!

Fuck you.


We have this super adorable guy, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who won my heart ages ago by voice acting for Ferb from Phineas & Ferb and then by being in Game of Thrones and now being the shining sun of the film3, plus he is a really good character among other good, if slightly played out characters. We have awesome acting all around, even the gorgeous, though very miscast Kaya Scodelario and the surroundings are gorgeous.

Let us not forget the consistently superb atmosphere, often achieved by a wonderful and timely placed score, subtle acting by most of the young all-boys cast4 and just the right amount of scary to tickle my fancy. Naïve at times, the film still manages to be so likable and exciting that it’s very fun to watch.


Do you feel it? Feel like there were some really good times here but you really could not get excited because of the ending I ranted about in the very beginning? That’s great, because I felt the exact same way — the whole film seems ruined because of the ending. Thanks a lot, Wes Ball. One time a book adaption needs its ending changed to make a complete film, you skip the opportunity.

Wow. This was refreshing.

1 a book dissatisfied book reader, I must add, which is a horrible thing, because the comments you get make you all the less excited for the film
2 or get the “but that wasn’t in the book!” reaction
3 I made sure to include him on each picture, too, as you can see :’)
4 Scodelario and the woman in the end don’t count!!

On Film Festivals and Fall Season

I. I know where my future lies. In not working. I would be 200% happier without the black hole of a time consumer called school, and after that’s done, work’s just going to replace these hours. Deep cry. I’d show you my to-do list but that would just be depressing. The fact that I used to be a vegetable before this blog and Norway, is really messing with me now. In the past year, I’ve discovered how cool the world can be if you care about things, are passionate about them and take part. Translating, volunteering, writing and taking photos are all fun and games, but I need some time to read a book, watch a film, write in this blog, read others’ blogs, go hiking, play with my dachshund and cook food every once in a while.

So, sleep or school, one of them has to go. I love all my hobbies too much to quit any.

II. In that tone, guess what happened a few days ago? Estonia’s main film festival, PÖFF (Black Nights Film Festival) is among the top 15 film festivals. They have a subcategory for youth films where they gather a few people to write reviews and I was chosen as one! I am super proud and extremely excited. We had our first meeting today and I can’t wait for the next one. I’m going to watch and review a Danish film before it and wow, my first review in my native language? Going to be fun.

Not really sure yet what this will mean for the blog, because I don’t know if and when I have permission to publish these reviews, but I think this place will be slow in November, too — the festival takes place over the last two weeks in November. I’ll also get the opportunity to go watch all main program films. This right here is a film blogger’s heaven.

III. All TV series are coming back or starting up and it’s making me sad. First of all, the shows I’ve binge-watched and loved (Supernatural and Vampire Diaries, looking at you) have turned so bad that I’m probably not going to waste my time with all of the crappy episodes and there is literally one new show I’ve started watching. But oh, it’s a good one — How to Get Away with Murder. A post on it is coming, probably after the 3rd episode. I love the plot, the editing, the acting, the characters, the humor — everything, really.

Also, on TV — I’ve decided that there will be a HIMYM post, after all. The emotions about the conclusion of the show are still burning inside me.

IV. I’m turning 19 next week. Weirdly, this fact hardly crosses my mind, I’m just vaguely aware of it because I realised what a great opportunity this is for an awesome post. What kind of a post? Yeah, no, I have no clue. Maybe I’ll just give a gift to myself — a gift of devoting a few hours to reading all of my favourite blogs’ posts. I really should do that, and I will. At some point.

V. Even though I haven’t read anything, I understand that everyone’s writing about Gone Girl. I saw it too, but I can’t imagine writing a review because I’m still so disturbed by it. Was it good? Not sure, but it definitely made me feel filthy for days after.

Feel absolutely free to comment on any of this, and I’d so appreciate if you’d leave a link of a post that you’ve published in the past week or two and that you are proud of. It would jump-start my blog reading marathon. Thank you so much!

One Lovely Blog Award!

Sofia is one of the loveliest people I have the honour to know, and I am so glad she thought of me when passing this award around.

Here are the rules for this award:
You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
You must list the rules and display the award.
You must add 7 facts about yourself.
You must nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
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Super lovely people!

  • Katy, because she is such a fun person whose style I admire a lot and who is one of the few people to make me happy to be a part of fandoms.
  • Alex, because I can’t wait for his Wait (heheh) and his blog probably makes me a better person.
  • m.brown, because without him my world would turn many (fifty, perhaps?) shades greyer.
  • Sati, because she is one of the greatest people I know even if it’s only via internet, and she inspires me every single day.
  • Big Screen Small Words, because that blog is an incredible read at any given time.
  • Brittani, because next to Sati, I love her the most in this wonderful community.
  • Anna, because nobody has ever won my heart so quickly as she did as she entered the blogging world with her big colourful dots and the Australian accent I hear whenever reading her posts.
  • Mettel Ray, because I admire her endlessly!
  • Zoe, because a) she radiates happiness, and b) she takes my advice on books!!!
  • Ruth, because she is someone to look up to.
  • Ryan, because I’ve said it before: his reviews are beautiful. Also, he’s really great and attentive.
  • Mette, because even if she doesn’t blog anymore, she has a marvelous personality. And a way with words.
  • Nostra, because of her fantastic blogathons.
  • Mikey, because he’s borderline hilarious — and awesome.
  • Fisti, because he really knows how to keep a community going.

Facts? Suuuuure.

  • True Detective started airing in Estonia and I thought the first episode was FANTASTIC.
  • At the first seminar we had in Norway, I joked to a German boy that I can smell it if someone has jerked off in the shower, and he with his German friends laughed about it at every. single. exchange student. seminar. we had throughout the year.
  • I probably shouldn’t have told you of that one.
  • I think Coke is an essential drink with cinema, breakfast, late night study sessions, writing, working, school, free hours at school, sleepovers and dinner.
  • Me and my dog have many things in common: we hate cats, won’t get out of bed early in the morning even if we need to pee, demand for attention so often that people get tired of us, are offended easily, sulk in our beds after named offenses, forgive very quickly, love swimming in the sea, don’t mind filth, don’t understand social norms and challenge them often.
  • I really want to do an Ironman triathlon before I’m 25.
  • My host dad once chased me down a icy hill with a tractor because I was afraid to go down to get on the school bus.

Wow. This was fun! Thank you so much, Sofia!

Lucy (2014) — “Ignorance brings chaos, not knowledge.”

lucy scarlett johanssonI like films with ideas that are far-fetched. That’s the magic of fiction in my eyes: there are no boundaries. All I ask is for it to be served well and believed in by the creators. Lucy, unfortunately, doesn’t deliver on either of these.

At least Lucy attempts to be better than it is. Over the first part of the film, I found myself growing to love the cut-ins, especially those of animals’ behaviour parallel to what the characters did. It worked. Unfortunately, they use it after that, too, overcomplicating what’s going on, as if they didn’t believe that the plot would hold up on it’s own — so they created confusion. I feel offended by this, because if they don’t believe in the film, why should I devote my money or time on it? Their simple, interesting idea explodes — and not in a good way. What a sad thing.

The beginning is slow, but pretty cool. Scarlett Johansson charms immediately and gives her bland character life. She alone doesn’t save anything, though, the things that are shit and the things that make you yawn are still there. Morgan Freeman is fantastic and probably the best thing about the film. That man’s bare presence is genius. Scarlett just gets to do all the cool things.


Another thing that I wanted to discuss is the soundtrack. The god-awful, completely unfitting soundtrack. It took me until 90% to understand how much it annoyed me, but once I did, I couldn’t stop thinking about how a score more subtle, quieter even, would have made all the difference. What we get, especially in the third act, is a completely generic and ordinary sound picking up intensity with each passing moment, the same thing we see in most films. Only difference — it usually works in these. Lucy needs something different.

Lucy had a moral: time is the only thing we can be sure of. And some moments are really worth our time. But those are the quiet moments, the in-betweens, not the main events. The only real thing they amount to is an ethreal feeling as the credits start to roll and some food for thought on the many ways how films like Lucy are corrupted. I think I liked this film, but, sadly, that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a bad film.